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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Nailing democracy

Guysen Israel News reports:

"Likud MK Ehud Yatom called on Switzerland to apologize publicly for its failure to prevent pro-Palestinian hooligans from storming the stadium in Basel Saturday night. According to Yatom, this incident is a criminal and anti-Semitic act that brings shame on Swiss authorities. On the 53rd minute of a World Cup qualifying match between Switzerland and Israel, four Swiss individuals had the audacity to unroll a banner that read 'Free Palestine.'"

Meanwhile, Haaretz learns that the IDF still uses Palestinians as human shields, despite a High Court ruling banning the practice.

In other Israel news, America has asked Israel's allies not to pressure Ariel Sharon and demand further "concessions" to the Palestinians. A senior administration official told the New York Times: "In our view, the message to Prime Minister Sharon from people in New York should be one of congratulations, not one of new pressures."

The Bush administration is right, of course. Israel's continuing development in the West Bank and around Jerusalem is a helpful contribution to the peace process. Hurricane Katrina may, however, reduce financial aid to Israel.

Israel's best friend is in a precarious economic situation.


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