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Monday, May 09, 2005

Retail therapy

I was working at a Melbourne David Jones in formal wear. I was dressed in a suit and tie, as were my male colleagues. Suddenly a fire alarm sounded and we ran to the exit and towards the central meeting place in times of an emergency. For some inexplicable reason, the meeting point seemed like miles away and I was running for what felt like hours. I could see all my associates far ahead and I knew I'd probably be the last to arrive.

Finally I saw the fire warden and he looked at my sternly. I apologised profusely for being late and next thing I knew we were discussing the impending changes to the cross media laws. He couldn't understand why I was so passionate about maintaining diversity and fundamentally mistrusted the media groups and moguls advocating change. He talked about the "gold old days" of Fairfax when "journalists were keen to take on the big boys". I wished for those days again too. We simply believed in achieving these aims differently.

Then I woke up. My dream last night amused me. I've only worked briefly in retail. I do believe in maintaining diversity within the media. I've never really engaged with a fire warden. In hindsight, I could probably improve my arguments in relation to the media moguls. They are, after all, the easiest to demonise and yet rarely examined by our mainstream media. This will change.


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