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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The smell of an oily rag

Murdoch's Sydney tabloid, The Daily Telegraph, was accused of fabricating allegations against former NSW Liberal leader John Brogden during last night's ABC Media Watch. It was a forensic masterclass in investigative journalism.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the story but a question remains. How is a program like Media Watch - running on a tiny annual budget - more able to reveal the tabloid's deceptions than a well-resourced broadsheet like the Herald? It's all about willingness and intent.

Fairfax is notoriously shy in taking on its supposed competitors. With the upcoming changes to cross-media laws, management is increasingly shy in criticising any rivals. New editor Mark Scott is clearly running a campaign of maintaining the status quo, something at which Fairfax executives excel.


Blogger Shabadoo said...

Media Watch is now using anonymous sources to beat up its enemies...that is pathetic. If someone publihes a story, they're damned for it; if they don't, they're cowards. Hypocrisy here knows no bounds.

More interesting to me is the left's sudden sympathy for a Lib like Broggers...perhaps they like a soft, centrist, unelectable pollie as head of the opposition, rather than someone who will actually ask voters what they think about, say, letting junkies have their own prime piece of Darlo real estate in which to play, sans interference from the fuzz, etc. Most of NSW might be in Sydney, but most of Sydney does not live in trendy electorates...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005 11:22:00 am  
Blogger Antony Loewenstein said...

The so-called sources of the Tele story say it's an outright lie and that's ok?
Why am I not surprised...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005 11:39:00 am  
Blogger Glenn Condell said...

Shabadoo... how about Shabadon't?

Liz Jackson - now there is a journalist.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005 5:49:00 pm  
Blogger leftvegdrunk said...

Shab, I'd say that the appalling "sympathy" you see is for a man who tried to take his own life. Do you have to be a commie to feel something when someone attempts suicide?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005 7:32:00 pm  

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