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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Our new friends

What kind of people blog in China? According to one writer, "angry youth, petty bourgeois and commercial bloggers." This translation of a recent article by Jiang Xun highlights the growing information revolution:

"CCTV Economic Channel producer Hu Yong has been called an 'Internet pioneer' on mainland China. Hu Yong said: 'Concerning the Internet in China, there are usually two popular views in the west. One of them consists of unreasonable optimism, for the belief is that western thoughts and ideas, commercial forces or technological advances will cause rapid changes in China. The other consists of blind pessimism, for the belief is that China has not changed under a totalitarian regime which prevents the people from having any freedom of speech. Both these views are wrong, and they merely expose the naivete of westerners.' Hu Yong is the author of the 'Ruling the Internet', the first book about the Internet on mainland China."


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